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Carry Me Through


Includes tracks by artists like Superchick, Fireflight, and Barlow Girl. I hope it helps heal whatever pain you are going through. You are loved. Don't give up.

14 tracks
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this playlist has all of my favorite music in it, and it has definitely helped me through a bunch of things in my life. you are beautiful! thank you so much for creating this playlist--remember, you are loved too <3

@EphemeralReflection Hi lovely soul! This comment made my day and is so very appreciated! I'm glad I encompassed all of your favorite music in this mix. I'm slowly working on a Part Two, so is there anything you'd like me to add that I missed here? You are wonderful. Thank you so much for this smile.

@LovelyHealing you are SO very welcome, but it's your playlist that made ME smile! :)) let's see... i can't think of a song off the top of my head, but if one comes to me later i'll definitely let you know! <3