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Last Train in from the Desert.


As dusk falls, one lone straggler winds it's way home along the rails which stretch into the distance. Only a few dust-worn survivors know what fateful events transpired out there beyond the dunes... and you are among their ragged number.

We'll buy you a pint and let you tell us the tale. Twelve tracks of grisly survival and camaraderie along the twisting tracks and the shining sand. Featuring the rough and rickety sounds of Daren Korb, Dirtwire, and Beats Antique.

12 tracks
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You, sir, are clearly a gentleman of unparalleled taste and delightfully refined musical palate. I tip my fine, fine hat to you, sir.

Our compliments on your choice of destination delicious friend. Thank you for riding the Creazil Fantas Express, we hope you choose us again for your audio-halucinatory travel needs in the future!

It's wonderful to hear your mixes again! I was so excited to see the link of this on your Twitter. I love your selection of music. It really brings out the mood and type of ambiance you want to create.

Huzzah! We're so glad you find enjoyment upon the gentle crest of the soundscapes we create! Your praise is like fresh sunlight upon an old Commodore's deeply-entombed heart! Thank you, delicious friend.

I love it! Totally transports you to another realm. Kind of reminds me of Stephen King's The Gunslinger. A++ for you!

Aye, Transportation is what this mix specializes in from start to finish. Thank for the kind words and comparisons! All aboard!