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A Ticket To The Show ...


A great Broadway show, or motion picture for that matter, will traditionally have great music to help propel the story. Here's some of the best from stage and screen and don't be afraid to sing some of these songs in the shower. I do! PS: Continue to check in because more songs are added every couple of weeks! :)

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No way I could pick just one favorite, but It's A Hard Knock Life is a fave - love Aileen Quinn as Annie, I'm an 80s kid and she's the only "Annie" I knew. My kids just discovered the movie on our DVR (Quinn as Annie) and love it just as much as I did, great memories.

@anon-10208385291769061 Hey, isn't 'Annie' a great movie? So glad it brings back wonderful memories and that you're able to share this with your kids! By the way, "It's A Hard Knock Life" is definitely in the top 5 of my favorites in this playlist as well. :)

@anon-10208385291769061 Glad you're enjoying this and thank you! I had a GREAT time putting this together. My favorite? "Jubilation T. Corpone" by the inimitable Stubby Kaye from Lil Abner (I was in a production of it in high school playing Mayor Dawgmeat). What's your favorite? :)