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The History of Country-Rock


A sub genre of rock, country-rock melded elements of both country and rock to give the world something fresh and new in the early 60s. With roots in California it soon took hold and became a phenomenon birthing many of the great bands we associate today with classic rock radio. But, in this playlist you'll get something more...a deeper look musically into the genre, how it influenced some musicians and artists you might not equate with the country-rock genre. I've also included a few alt-country songs which border on country-rock as well. You won't be disappointed. Now get ready for a helluva great listening experience.

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She didn't morph so much as she was molded by Gram Parsons into what met his particular requirements, She didn't stray to far afield of that for many years after he died. In Dylan's particular case, he hit a sweet spot with Time Out Of Mind and has ridden its groove for nearly two decades. Although he seems to dried up composing new material for it, I don't blame him for continuing to explore it. Even though I don't really delve in it with any huge amount of passion, the Americana / field is the only decent musiclal form going right now IMHO. As for the mix itself I applaud your left field picks with more popular artists, for placing a song to a couple of artists who were just names before but using enough familiar material (to anyone versed the genre) to steer a steady course. Very well thought out and engaging through out. I even forgive you for including Firefall. You'd think a group that included the guy who replaced Gram Parsons in the Burritos and another who played in Grams's first road band would be a lot more authentic and a lot less wimpy.

I made it through track 20, I will finish tomorrow. This subject touches on a few mixes i've made, one of which is listed below as being similar. I'm not sure if Emmylou would appreciate you digging out her first album though. However the song you include convinces me that had she been not discovered by Rick Roberts and Chris Hillman she still would have been huge, but as a female John Denver. Oh well Gram started out as a folkie too.

@Crawdad63 Thanks for listening, Crawdad, and I'll be certain to check out your mixes soon. :) As for Emmylou, she's a prime example of how great artists morph in their career for better or for worse, eh? Take Dylan; acoustic folkie, electric folkie/rock/born again, back to rock and now a roots/retro/Americana feel. Reinvention is a beautiful thing. :)