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The Sound Of Young America...


Berry Gordy's Motown produced some of the greatest music of all-time; The Isley Brothers, Jackson Five, Supremes, Temptations and the list goes on and on. Their moniker was "The Sound of Young America" and that it was in its heyday, and it continues on today.

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I'm enjoying this mix right now. I made my own on the subject. Here's the link if you'd like to compare. .... There are only four common tracks. Five if you include the song we've used by different artists. Those are so obvious that they almost begged to be used. I enjoyed hearing some of the obscure stuff you added though none of them are worth adding to my own collection. The version of the Traffic/Joe Cocker song you included is heavily dissapponting in light of who's singing it. There are three main differences. First of all, i generally make these mixes CD length. That's practically like listening to a double vinyl album. Secondly, I used a strictly chronological order. Thirdly, and I feel this is the most important I stopped in 1972 when Motown left Detroit. Maybe it's being fiercely loyal to my adopted homwtown (and I've lived in Michigan all my life) but it's also when Motown lost it's identity. Afterwards they were just another record company. Using the picture of the Grand Ave. offices is a cheat. That's no reflection of most of the post-Detroit music you used though. Maybe I should make a post Detroit mix just to see how it goes. I wouldn't use Love Gun though. There's only one Love Gun and it wasn't done by Rick James. I'm more of a producer than a consumer but i will be checking out some more of your mixes. There is some common ground, However i'm one of those old farts who can't deal with most of the music released in this century, so I won't be listening to everything.

@Crawdad63 Thanks for your input and I'll be certain to check out your Motown mix, man. My intent when putting together mixes is for an overall feel and flow, neglecting the chronological order of things - generally speaking. My background is radio (rock, Top 40, urban and Adult Standards) and I think along the lines of "what will enhance the listening experience?" in other words, what's going to draw the listener in and keep 'em engaged? One of the great things about 8Tracks is that there's no right or wrong answer, but an opportunity to "do it anyway ya' wanna." :) Cheers and thanks again!

@comvoice In many cases feel and flow is dependant on the individual listener. One of the drawbacks of the 8tracks forum is the need to draw the listeners in immediately. You have to have that one song to start to hook them in so to speak, Then you two more to keep them interested. Then you can start exploring the landscape so to speak. Motown is a subject you can approach from any angle because their back catalogue is so strong. Just the fact we had so few tracks in common when we did cover the same territory is testimony to this. I do have to admit I'm kind of a linear thinker. For example on a different mix, even though it would be an extremely valid juxtoposition I would almost never place Black Sabbath and Soundgarden together. Perhaps music is too intergrated with my own personal timeline. In any case thanks for your quick reply,