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je ne sais pas

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@anakerinina Eeeeeep. Me too! Made this when I really should have been studying for my final ;) I'm glad it helped you be more productive though. Bonne chance avec vos études!

Lol des anglophones qui chantent Champs Élysées... :P trop drôle, mais quand même le fun... Hey, @conan doyle you should check out Les Haybabies and Les Soeurs Boulay if you liked all the artists you put in this playlist. They are french canadian all-female folk artists just like most of the artists in this playlist :)

@bethtezuka Their accents are so cute, right? Particularly at "à n'importe qui" ;) I'll be sure to check them both out asap - thanks for the suggestion! Bonne journée xx

@conan doyle Ya it is cute! And it sounds like they're saying "le cul ouvert à l'inconnu" instead of "le coeur ouvert à l'inconnu" in the second line!!! I love that cover so much for that, lmaoooo. And no problem, hope you like the 2 bands. Bonne journée à toi aussi