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summer summer summer time


Twenty tracks. It's the summer- drive aimlessly with your windows down, listening to these songs. You won't regret it.

18 tracks
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this is such a solid summer mix. love love love. would never have figured that black keys track for a good summer track 'til i heard it on this.

"I went to a protest, just to rub against strangers" she does have some cool lines, like "they'll name a city after us"

yeah, you like that sentence. don't lie like my mother did when i asked her if there was any more candy in the bowl. bitch.

im not the biggest kate nash fan but i even liked that song. and all i believe in was the coolest thing ive never listened to before now i am happy to be here is my thank you note: thank you courtney. this is the end of the note " . "

what a sweet beginning to what i can only imagine will be followed by more songs with flavors i have to time travel to the future to listen to. ((puts on metalocolypse plastic time travel bag over head)). commense time warp...... ;)