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this is my oath to you


Because I remember when we were in 6th grade, singing Taylor Swift songs. Having friend rivalries. Playing piano in the empty auditorium. Talking about our childhood crushes and the stories we all live to tell.

Happy birthday Amber! (these are tracks that remind me of you, and i hope you like it.)

  • Oath by Cher Lloyd Ft Becky G.
    That's because we're mental sisters >///<
  • I Knew You Were Trouble by chelsearonqs
    Remember when we'd just sit in one corner and sing this particular song?? (And we'd throw a talk about our crushes every once in a while)
  • Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) by Taylor Swift
    Because you always played this thing on piano. Because of you and Cam, I learned how to play the piano to avoid being left out. HAHAHA
  • A Thousand Miles by A THOUSAND MILES
    Beccause you play this thing on piano too!
  • Ariana Grande Put Your Hearts Up by natashiadz
    If we give a little love maybe we can change the world <3 (Remember when I tried to get you to like Ariana Grande?)
  • Walkabout by Augustines
    And lastly, this song bc i miss you. Even though we really don't talk much, at all.
  • Nothing Feels Like You by Little Mix
  • I Got You by Leona Lewis
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