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Curious Village Soundtrack


I noticed that no one has the complete Professor Layton soundtracks on here so Im putting them together! Youtube has them but listening on mobile is absolutely terrible
Soundtrack composed by Tomohito Nishiura and Property of Level-5
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i remember, my mom always suggested that i play this game when i was about 9. i never did, because, ew, what would a 9 year old do with a puzzle game? then she bought it for me for my birthday and i fell in love.. thank you for uploading this! it takes me back to when i was a little kid and had nothing to worry about other than whether or not i'd be able to solve the next puzzle!

@koukaku I got into these games when my mom gave the first one to me as a birthday gift when I was 10! No problem, it's too bad I can't upload the other ones, 8tracks is cracking down on multiple songs by the same artist and I'm kind of surprised thisone hasn't been taken off yet

@obbets @souyo I've tried, 8tracks gets smart and even though it says the artist is different 8tracks says that there are too many songs by the same artist and won't let me publish :'(

Wow, I remember me as a 10 year old when I bought this. I didnt play it until I one day decided to do so. I was so taken that I ended up finishing the game in 2 days. I got so happy listening to this thank you so much I love it!!!