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A Boston Crime Tale


The streets were dark, the wind awfully cold, but bloody fine were the tunes hanging in the air of Boston.

'Serpents in the Cold' is a crime novel about uncovering dark secrets and going against the odds for the sake of redemption. Two friends traverse the frozen landscape of Boston in the 1950s to solve a murder that runs a violent trail deep through the city and its many shadows.

Congratulations to @spoonhead and @tommyo the authors of the novel "Serpents in the Cold".

11 tracks
4 comments on A Boston Crime Tale

@Conjuror this is cinematic gold. made me feel steeped in film noir and all its heartbreak. appreciate you helping out on the serpents chain. again, very lovely mix.

@spoonhead I'm happy you approve it. Would you mind sending a copy all the way to the void (Denmark)? I will gladly pay all the expenses including a little donation to the authors. Big fan of the genre :)

@Conjuror The UK has a version out, so maybe you would some $ by using amazon uk...? If not, let me know and I can send you a personal email address to discuss mailing. I can tell you're a fan of the genre - this mix was steeped in it its cinematic and somber tones.