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The story of Arthur is the story of a myriad living creatures, whom we share this tragic but beautiful planet with. It is a reminder and a call to take responsibility for our consumerism and our actions.

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@Samuel_peterson Haha! But in the contract it says chimpanzees only! I guess we can sign a new one, including different species of primates. Maybe we should just create a new account dedicated to monkeys? :)

@Btrxz You made it difficult for me to pick a comment to reply to, but this one must me the best comment I've ever received! I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed this so much, and that you will consume with compassion until your final day. Thanks again, friend!

@Conjuror I have always "consumed with Compassion" my whole adult life, but never put it into to those beautiful and succinct words and I thank you for those! and the mix!!!