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Their Business


Ain't my business.

I spy with my big fat eye… Things I shouldn't spy.

10 instrumental tracks to accompany the coffee for some midnight curiosity. Tom Waits is here (again) to get you in the right mood.

Artwork: Alternative poster to Hitchcocks Rear Window.

11 tracks
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I play this and other playlists of yours at the studio where I work among other artists - there are countless compliments from a lot of us. I always look for correspondence between you and Samuel_Peterson as well, it warms my heart how somewhere on the internet you can find genuine compliments and people who are interested and influences by each other.

@merikarhu Thank you so very much for your kind and warming comment. @Samuel_peterson is a wonderful wonderful man! If you haven't already, you should check out our monkey series (our wacky ongoing musical correspondence), I guarantee it will bring a lot of smiles.

I try to sneak him into almost every mix, since he has made something fitting for almost every theme or genre. I guess I'm kind of fanatic when it comes to the charismatic Devil himself.