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Trip Hoppin'

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What's that artwork from? I literally just told my gf how every now and then when I'm surfing I realize I'm surfing not just in Florida or Central America, but on Earth! Such a humbling feeling!

@justgosurfin I forget exactly where I got it. I think I found it on deviant art at one point, though can't find the original source after going back and looking around. Surfing the Earth sounds awesome!

thank you for letting me know. Really odd, I played it to see what was up and somehow it was changed entirely to a different random track i've never heard before. Fixed now, hopefully it stays

Hey, so thanks for helping me notice this problem once again. It should be fixed for good now. It seems to me that 8tracks has some thing where they are pairing songs with what they think to be the same song uploads on soundcloud. This causes my upload to automatically be replaced with whatever soundcloud file they pair it with. Why they changed Cafe del Spain by Halcon441 (Deadmau5) to this is beyond me. I find it rather annoying and hope all my other songs stay as I originally put them.

again, thank you