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Death, with her eyes black as night and skin as pale as snow, walked with grace and beauty. Her touch was soft and gentle as she took a child’s hand in one of her own and an old man’s in the other. Death had a child like curiosity that could never be tamed yet wisdom and calmness that made the body heavy and the eyes wilt.

  • Johnny Cash - God's Gunna Cut You Down by Gabbijinakiataylor
  • I Will Follow You Into The Dark by mraetzelmedia
  • Plead The Fifth by Dean's Lullaby
  • 01. Motherless Sons by cptfunk
  • Lead Me Home by Jamie N Commons
  • Black by Kari Kimmel
  • 09. All Of Your Monsters by cptfunk
  • O Death by Jen Titus
  • Of Monsters And Men by Of Monsters and Men
9 tracks
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