Is this playlist safe for work?


There is no reason to analyse any of my song choices on this playlist. Please refrain from commenting on my 'love life' based solely on my music taste. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone here knows how to change the title of a playlist I would be very grateful if you would show me how.

11 tracks
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I hope you never change anything about this, Sherlock. It's adorable. On an unrelated note, what does John think of this playlist?

@MusicalRaven Even though your comment of 'adorable' is entirely refutable, rest assured I harbour no intentions of editing the songs on here, I see no reason to do so. As I have previously stated, it's just my taste in music, nothing more. I do not care what John would think of my playlist, his choice of music is almost as appalling as his taste in jumpers. For this reason alone I have not allowed him to hear it, and would appreciate if no one would send this to him.