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happy 2 monthsary, baby.


i've made this a little earlier and wanted to send you right away but february only has 28 days and it's already march. happy second monthsary, princess. i love you, always.

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sometimes i wish you never made me a playlist, sometimes i'm grateful you did, because some nights i listen to this when i'm scared and other nights it tortures me with painful memories of the words you once told me and sometimes, sometimes i wish we never met, but again, on other nights, i'm glad that we did. because i've never felt the kind of bliss i had with you with somebody else. i can't believe you happened to me. now i'm stuck wandering, searching for someone like you in the crowd, but i can't find you in any of them. sometimes, i imagine that you're still alive in me. that i'll still be receiving your qotds or your i love you's every night. it's funny, how people can be so in love with someone that they forget about everything else. i haven't been this emotional in any of my relationships before.