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UMM, yes. You must have been listening to Music That Matters this week. I am so obsessed with that UMO track. The guitar is SO SOLID. I'm not sure if I've heard anything that amazing in a while. Dope mix.

What's Music That Matters? I've been neglecting these tunes for awhile but since I've been talking to dudes who are all about Mac Demarco and Ariel Pink, I guess you could say I mixtaped under their influence, haha. I haven't listened to much of UMO but heard this track and I had to find a home for it. Are you going to CHBP this year? My cousin got me a job and I'll be wristbanding, haha.

One of KEXPs podcasts (bi-weekly). Recommended. I don't usually buy tickets to CHBP unless I get in for free because I live a few blocks away and can hear the bands pretty well. That's awesome though! I'd work that for fun.

Haha, wow. Coincidence, man! I NEED TO GET A JOB/BE A DJ AT KEXP. That would be my ideal job while I stay in Seattle for the couple of weeks I'll be there this summer. Or you know, for forever~ Hope things are cool with you :)

That's the opposite of me. I wish I didn't have a job! lol. Yeah you'll probably end up staying in Seattle if you visit in the summer. Tons of fun things to get into! You could probably at least intern at KEXP. Not sure if it'd be for pay though...

Eh, it's okay. That's pretty cool they got the flaming lips to play. That might be the "biggest" band they've had yet, though I'd have to double check. I'm super excited for Cults and Rose Windows though! And Chromatics. Also, two friends of mine are playing which you should see, La Luz and Country Lips, who are super fun live.

Yeah, looking back, it's hard to beat last year. Neko Case, Phantogram, Grimes, Twin Shadow, Porcelain Raft, TRUST for Christ's sake, Blouse, John fucking Maus. Yep, that was the year.

Do you recall seeing a short Asian dude with blonde hair and a red Phillies cap at any of these shows? Because that was me, haha. Dude, we pretty much went to the same exact shows, I kid you not; I still can't believe how short Porcelain Raft's set was...and he didn't even play "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" but I was still pleased with everything...and TRUST?! I think his set was my favorite. And yeah, this year's line-up definitely isn't as awesome as last year's but I am also stoked for Cults in addition to Chromatics, Glass Candy and Girl Talk as well. I hope I'll be able to catch these shows and the ones your friends are in while I am "working" there.