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I LOVE DANCING.... i've always loved it


This is a summary of sign of three. The tone of the episode in song. Starts out with a bang!! High spirits and dance and sing along songs. Except when it isn't and there is a significant amount of Queen angst (since this is what Sherlock being a Drama Queen sounds like to me). Sorry about that. Angst is in the blood of this fandom.
EDIT: Added new songs. Finally cracked. Enjoy!

22 tracks
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oh my fuck oh my fuck i'm just on the second song and i'm already in tears oh god why would you /gross sobbing i hate this fucking show

I am so sorry. There are happy songs. But they have lost all of the happiness in them thanx to this show. *hands you box of tissues*

omg, u've put a song from the wedding, and I was so hoping it's gonna be on this playlist. Thank you, it's great list for my workout, it makes it less boring :D

yeah it took me a while to figure this thing out. might add more to this. The best way to work out is to dance, sing and cry!!