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we were best friends as children

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"you always said how badly you wanted to see the world. so one day i made us picnic and snuck you out for a few hours to explore.

i knew it was forbidden, but i also knew how much it would mean to you."

a cute and bubbly (and mainly acoustic) silas/kamui fanmix. the game isn't even out yet and this ship is already killing me, IT'S LIKE QUICKSAND

cover art:

  • Bubbly Cover by Jeff Szolis
  • Blew My Mind by Dresses
  • ABNER by You Can Rely On Me (jason Mraz Cover)
  • Best Friend by One Two
  • Riptide by Jasmine Thompson
  • i choose you by mackenzie johnson
  • Arden Cho & Jason Chen by LUCKY Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
  • Be My Forever (cover by Sidney Bowen & Gavyn Bailey)
8 tracks
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