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And this is how it starts

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Omg!!!!! That's so sweet yeah I had some issues bc 8tracks found out it was all technically by the same artist so im trying really hard atm to get it back up asap ! :) thanks for being so sweet

@Cool Shark oh my god oh my god thank THE LORD- GOD IS REAL. Aaahh I'm so relieved you're gonna try to put it up, I was SO WORRIED and yeah sorry for the caps lock I'm just so happy :D

okay I know this is weird bt I've been looking for you? I think you did One Direction R&B playlist? And it was my life okay? I really really liked that playlist and maybe it's private or you delelted it but can yo please please tell me at least the songs you put in it? I really really really loved it!

@Angel_Rosie so i got in trouble for making that mix but and 8tracks wont let me put it back up, but if you shoot me a message on tumblr (its in my bio) and i can tell you the songs!