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counting my way back to you


niall's left for the tour and you miss him so much you can barely breathe

you get a package one day with a CD, picture and letter from Niall

'Hey babe, I miss you so much, it's crazy out here on the road and the places we've seen are amazing but it's not the same without you, here's some songs that I listen to that help me sleep at night and make me feel a little closer to you x"

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Hey, so. Funny story, I got a prompt on my tumblr to write about Niall being on tour, and this girl missing him. Coincidentally I have an 8tracks account. So, I listened to this mix while writing. It inspired me a lot, so I thought I would share. :D

Wow! I read it, I loved it! I almost started tearing up, it was so cute :') thank you for telling me :) I'm so glad my mix could help you! :)