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Antisocial Mess

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fhey @cooldogs i get your obv kinda popular on here but i was wondering if you had an insta/tumblr or something you'd be willing to give me? im 13 and kinda lonely and i super dig ur music taste, so if you ever wanted to talk? i dunno my insta is rebeccaa_47

adjective an·ti·so·cial \-ˈsō-shəl\ (Medical Dictionary)
Medical Definition of ANTISOCIAL

: hostile or harmful to organized society: as
a : being or marked by behavior deviating sharply from the social norm
b : of, relating to, or characterized by an antisocial personality, the antisocial personality disorder, or behavior typical of either

The word you are probably looking for is Asocial: Asociality refers to the lack of motivation to engage in social interaction, or a preference for solitary activities. Developmental psychologists use the synonyms nonsocial, unsocial, and social disinterest. Asociality is distinct from but not mutually exclusive to anti-social behavior, in which the latter implies an active misanthropy or antagonism toward other people or the general social order. A degree of asociality is routinely observed in introverts, while extreme asociality is observed in people with a variety of clinical conditions.