Is this playlist safe for work?


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This playlist is so sweet! Like the person before me said, I love how you picked upbeat songs. The Joker and The Wolf were my favorites for them. I also love how you put the quotes from the song that really made you think of them!

I just listened to your Gabriel playlist before this one and let me just tell you, you have a real knack for this playlist thing. All the songs work so so well, and they're not the same songs everyone uses. They all have a really upbeat tone to them as well, which I really appreciate. I would love to listen to more overwatch related playlists if you make them, but either way the two you have are phenomenal. These will probably get lots of repeat listens

@StitchedRoyalty OMG NGL I LITERALLY STARTED CRYING AT THIS COMMENT.... this made my day thank you so much!!! you are so kind and so sweet i might start crying again writing this but thank you so much ilu ill try to make more Sweet Content just for u

@coolmark Awww, you're too precious!! Of course you're welcome, I'm so glad I found your playlists! I'm actually about to start writing a McHanzo drabble for my tumblr, and I wanted to listen to this for inspiration but unfortunately you can't listen to the same playlist within 8 hours. rip me.