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Blood Red Rebel, Chains & Fights


// Human AU! Raphael //

/Short thing on how I see Raph as a human./

-He has dark hair like Leonardo, but dyed part of it red. Also, his hair is mostly styled upwards, but messily. (His helmet always destroys his hair.)

-His eyes would be either a venomus green or a bright gold.

-He's rather tall, standing at 6'0''.

-Obviously, as a human, he's muscular like his turtle self.

-Sarcastic, loud, stubborn and swears a lot. Raphael is a badass but with a soft core. Deep inside, he likes the nature and loves romantic stories. Also a sucker for anything romantic (hides it while with brothers, fails sometimes).

-Likes rock an metal music.

-Likes harder stuff. Could even listen to power metal.

-Loves songs with rebellious lyrics.

-Has a thing for punk songs.

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