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Blue Blades, Space Oddity and Authority.


// Human AU! Leonardo //

-Leonardo has pitch black hair which he shares with Raph. (Raph dyed his partly red.)

-His eyes are a dark and deep sapphire blue, ready to see trough you.

-Leo is second tallest, being 6'2".

-He's well-trained, being as muscly as his turtle self.

-Calm, reserved and a bit geek-y. Leonardo is the perfect leader, balanced like a scale. He's one of the quiet brother's and loves to meditate. Deep down, he's a space geek and loves everything which has to do with space (*cough* His favourite show *cough*).

-Has a thing for all kind of EDM music. Deep house, DnB, Trap, you name it.

-Instrumental songs help him meditate.

-Likes rock but wont admit it.

8 tracks