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Of Science, Coffee and Electronics.


// Human AU! Donatello //

-Donnie had very light brown hair as a kid, but it grew out to a darkish brown.

-His eyes would be either a soft marron brown or a crisp forest green.

-He's the tallest of them all, with 6'4".

-Donnie is more a lean but still a bit muscly male.

-Pacifistic nature, smart, awkward and a real scientist. Donatello is the typical Albert Einstein of today. He's friendly and intelligent but has also a awkward and nervous side to himself. He wears his own title "The Scientist" proudly and loves to build something out of nothing.

-He loves to listen to scienc-y music, especially Symphony of Science or ASAPScience.

-Donnie loves all kind of alternative music.

-Chiptune is one of his favourites. Likes the songs with a kind of scienc-y melody to it.

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