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The Beautiful Wild


A few of my favourite songs from the 2015 Edmonton Folk Music Festival. What a weekend! Voices like gravel, voices like sweet Southern Comfort. ;) The last two tracks are tearjerkers, so I saved 'em for the end.

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@CorinnaRebecca thanks for the link with the playlist tracks. I will have to check out those last 2 songs. I viewed the Done video and also a couple of Ford's other ones. Really nice artist! Stupid me didn't even realize she was one of the founding members of the Be Good Tanyas til I googled her.

I'm glad you like it! The last two tracks are "Above the Clouds of Pompeii" by Bear's Den and "Murder in the City" by Brandi Carlile. I posted the full tracklist here: Sometimes 8tracks does weird things like not play songs or replace them with another one.

Love it! So glad to discover Nathaniel Rateliff and Frazey Ford, neither of which I had known about previously. (For some reason, the playlist only has 9 tracks on it for me, so I never got to hear the last two tearjerker tracks that you said you saved for the end. What were they?