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2015: February [Binge & Purge]


February's mix of newly heard/finally acquired tracks. It's a little long, but I never liked eliminating any of these songs, as all of them, I think, better complete the desired thematic arc. It's basically a two-part affair; tracks 1-3 are Part 1 (Binge). 4-12 are Part 2 (Purge). But at 89 minutes it’s certainly a self-indulgent affair, despite the focus being other people’s songs. My curatorial skills and taste are also, unavoidably, on display—apologies. Apparently, I couldn't temper either my enthusiasm for what I was hearing, or my ego for assuming others wish to hear so much of it. But perhaps there's some benefit to this long slog--gluttony breeding purgation. Enjoy.

12 tracks
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