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I light up when you call my name


Songs from Charles' point of view.

I'm not sticking to any one interpretation of what went wrong, or what the long term outcome is, or what his long term feelings are, so there's a wide range of emotions here.

And then a little jazz because he was a young man in New York in the early 50s.

(Ever get the impression that Mumford & Sons is the unofficial chronicler of their relationship?)


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cherik, the one pairing that can utterly destroy me emotionally but that I will love forever and defend to death hahaha thank you so much for this awesome playlist :)

@kitty-mochi me too, kitty, me too. And they're like, an eighth of an inch away from being canon, too. They are so perfect. And you're welcome, I'm glad you liked it!

They've been hinting at it since forever, even in comics. I think it would please a good portion of the fan base. And James and Michael have such good chemistry that not resolving tension between Charles and Erik would be a crime against the universe.

@gloomy-starlight Hinting, but not being overt. But yeah, I was reading some meta about the comics about the comics and if anything they're even shippier :) Agreed re: crime against the universe. :)

the hand holding between old Charles and Erik killed me. I cry every time because you can just FEEL the regret pouring out of them both and then it settle into "we're here now, together, old friend. we can spend our last moments with each other" they accept that they can't change everything (like Cuba) but like young Charles says at the end "enough ripples and you can change the tide" I have a feeling Apocalypse is gonna be heartbreaking too because there's still so much hurt between them and it'll probably never get resolved. or maybe they'll finally get somewhere. if they actually admit something, that'll be the death of me, I swear. if they actually get their heads out of their asses and see what's in front of them, then I'll cry.

@gloomy-starlight Yes. It's the way that, after everything that's behind them, if they have to die, it's going to be side by side. [exploding with feels] Which is tragic but ... deeply emotionally satisfying to me, somehow. I wonder what they'll do with Apocalypse, too. Part of me would like some resolution so they can stop hurting, but part of me goes, bring on the heartbreak, because that's what this ship and story is ABOUT. Gods... if they actually admit something, onscreen, overtly, I will be that lunatic who's sending flowers and love letters to the screenwriters/director/etc. But yeah, that's my one 'pie in the sky' wish for Apocalypse: MAKE IT CANON. :)

It's just such a tragedy. They could've done so much more together than they ever did apart. Rage and Serenity. Yin and Yang. but they let their ideals get in the way and it's depressing tbh

@gloomy-starlight Yeah, but I think it's why we love the pairing so much. Because of the tension, the angst, the tragedy, you know? But yes. Imagine what they could have done for the mutant community working together. It's ... well, like the man said, all those years wasted.

What I've realized about Erik is that until that moment in the temple, he wouldn't have known what to do with Charles if he had him. On the beach he says he wants Charles by his side but I don't think he understands what that means. it isn't until they're faced with certain death that Erik finally comes around and sees what they could've had all those years ago. And idk about you, but when old Charles and Erik are about to die, I imagine Charles making Erik not feel any pain by projecting a happy memory of them together. it might be their first meeting or the satellite dish or something else, but I think Charles would do something like that as his way of apologizing, I guess. I wish something like that happened in the movie because EVERYONE would've been crying. And then you hear Erik finally get the words out in his head,, how much he always loved Charles and then Charles being like "I've always known, old friend"

@gloomy-starlight YES YES YES. I think you're right there. Although I think ... he might not have known what to do with Charles, but I think he probably knew how he felt himself, even if he wouldn't admit it to anyone else. Just my opinion, though. :)

Ian basically said he played Magneto as if him and Professor X were ex-lovers. Like, even some of the old cast can see the shipping here. And the whole "he lost everything: ERIK, Raven, his legs" the writers go over things a hundred times, that wasn't an accident. And Charles is like "you took the things that mean the most to me" and if his list is priorities is exactly what Hank listed, then the most important thing Erik took away is Charle's love and trust in Erik. AND THEN THE FUCKING TEMPLE SCENE WITH OLD CHARLES AND ERIK. "All those years wasted..." Yeah, Erik you ignorant slut you could've had DECADES with Charles at your side but both of you blew it because you're both so self-righteous it's disgusting.

@gloomy-starlight Well, yes, Ian would, wouldn't he? :) I'm surprised if Patrick hasn't said similar. You're quite right, there. I really half-expect him ... there's a brief shot in DOFP of his bedroom, and there's a framed photo of Raven on the side table, and one really expects one of Erik beside it, you know? But yeah ... honestly, it feels like it would have taken doing so little differently early on to reconcile to each other. Like, they probably could have managed to compromise or agree to disagree on their philosophical differences if Erik hadn't left him paralyzed on the beach like a dickhead. Especially - the whole thing about having to wipe Moira's memory and being anonymous at the end of XMFC, Charles has clearly realized that they *can't* integrate, at least not at that point in time, which means, effectively, making a separate mutant society (in the form of the school) which... wasn't that kind of what Erik was saying? [epic facepalming] But the "All those years wasted" agreed ... but for me that's really one of the more poignant Erik moments, really, ever. (And he does get a good number of them.) But yeah, they both are self-righteous for so long, you kind of want to hit both of them upside the head. A lot.

seriously though, almost everyone that worked in First Class admits it's a love story about Charles and Erik (though I think James tried to take it back, probably because he didn't want to admit that him and Michael have explosive chemistry). And oh dear God, Days of Future Past. You could cut the tension with a knife. they were mentally undressing each other with their eyes, especially Erik since he hasn't gotten laid in a decade.

@gloomy-starlight YES. I know. Like even the creative team, there was a bit in the commentary that Hank and Raven as the films "B couple" are working through the same issues (sociopolitical, eg, assimilation vs confrontation, etc) as Charles and Erik, and I'm like, you just ALMOST called them the "A couple" except not quite. But yeah. And DOFP - Charles tries to make it about losing Raven's affection, and the other students, but the "YOU ABANDONED ME" part is so very telling. I'm guessing Charles hasn't gotten laid much, either, and he doesn't have the excuse of being in a cell under the Pentagon, either. I'm not just talking about FC and DOFP _though but the entire arc. I just watched a marathon of Xmen movies (basically the 5 that aren't the 2 Wolverine movies) and gods, it's so clear even in X1 and X2 where Charles and Erik are written much more white and black, good and evil, (I find the later by release date movies have both of them much more shades of grey) - the way the older pair are played it's obvious they STILL care very much about each other, even despite fighting for *decades* at that point. And like I said... this was 2011 (well, 2010 I guess when they were making XMFC) - they could actually have made it *overtly* a love story and the world would not have ended.

THERE WERE TEARS AND SMILES AND ERIK REDISCOVERED A PRECIOUS MEMORY WITH CHARLES AND IT'S SO INTIMATE AND SWEET AND THEN - don't get me started Moira omg. And she's gonna be back for Apocalypse. more cockblocking, I'm sure.

@gloomy-starlight Yeah. You know a movie is trying too hard when the "couples" they're trying to established are totally forced, and they go "lalalala can't hear you" about where the obvious chemistry is. Sorry but neither Charles/Moira nor Erik/Raven have any chemistry at ALL. None. I actually don't mind her so much as a character, but just.. nope. Yeah, I imagine so about the cockblocking. Also, seriously? It's 2015. And comics canon is JUST as slashy as the movies. I really wish Marvel would just own up to it. Not even having to show anything, just make some discussion/reminiscing that makes the nature of the relationship overt.