Corvus caurinus
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Bated Breath


cover art credit to incessantDoodling on dA.

Edit, Jan. 2018: Hey guys! I've decided to build on these playlists, so starting with Breath here, I'm adding 4 tracks for a total of 12, each corresponding (hopefully) to one of the main 12 classes. IF I find any, I'll add ones for Lord and Muse. Also, a tracklist will be posted in the comments if I can, or I'll link to the tumblr page for it.

12 tracks
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1. Page: Let it Be (Ft. Veela) / Blackmill
2. Rogue: Sky Heart - Pogo
3. Mage: Jimmy's Gang - Parov Stelar
4. Knight: Sound Check (Gravity) - Gorillaz
5. Witch: Walking on Air - Kerli
6. Sylph: Under the Tide - Chvrches
7. Thief: Breathe - Pink Floyd
8. Bard: Your Life is a Lie - MGMT
9. Heir: Somewhere over the Rainbow - DJ Jolly
10. Seer: Cannonball - The Breeders
11. Prince: Icarus - Bastille
12. Maid: Fly Away - Poe

... 'Space' playlist? I was sure there was one but I can't find it... But they're all amazing, and wonderful, and ignore my rambling...

sorry for the late response - there should be a Space list but i guess maybe it's missing a track and was taken down, or something? i dunno, i'll go fix it!