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When I Had Nothing


A very long Steve/Bucky playlist I made to victimize a specific friend of mine. Feel free to enjoy.

This playlist is pretty much their ultimate chronological story. In the description section of every song I added the lyrics and sometimes a little blurb of where we are. Warning: most of the songs fit after the events of CA:tWS, so expect tears.

I will be adding to this playlist as I come across more songs, so feel free to comment some suggestions.

36 tracks
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I love this playlist so much I just *throws self into the abyss*. Oh, but there's kind of a part 2 for To Build a Home, called That Home. On their album their songs all kind of transition into each other really seamlessly and That Home is equally beautiful and devastating.

@iamailove WOW thank you so much for pointing me to this song!! i havem't looked into this artist enough and WOW THESE SONGS both work so perfectly thank you. devastating indeed.

Also, I feel like Marvel is saying something when they put 'It's Been a Long, Long Time' in the ACTUAL CA:TWS soundtrack!

Goddamnit, I can't shut up about this... This is an amazing Stucky playlist. My heart has been shattered then put back together multiple times, and I love the song choice. Very much favorited ;)

@ourraeofsunshine oh my gosh thank you for loving it!! i had been collecting stevebucky songs for a while because *they are so beautiful* and i decided to publish it here so my friend could listen. i'm so so happy other people enjoy it too!!