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Contemplate The Universe Inside You Pt2

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My wonderful daughter just introduced me to this series and it has immediately taken hold of my reflective consciousness - taken me back to the early seventies when we would lie around gazing at the stars and asking similar questions albeit in a far more simplistic manner. I still love the philosophy text that we used at college called 'Philosophy The Art of Wondering' for it encapsulates the beauty of deep reflective thought - thank you all for making the world so much richer with your contributions and thank you Jessie Nekama for always being a beautiful inspiration!

21 years old(my birthday actually), and currently going to school for electrical engineering.. but two years ago this helped ignite my interest in cosmology. Now it's time to decide if there could be a potential career in it -- my Modern physics course has helped shed some more light on our incredible universe and it just makes me want to learn so much more! #Should I change Majors?

I'm currently studying mechanical engineering and I personally don't like the physics part of engineering but I can respect anyone that can understand it and has the patience to do well in classes. I do find it interesting and love to just listen and understand the theory and how everything relates to physics. I say do it, if you don't find it too difficult to take the courses do what excites your passion