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Contemplate The Universe Inside You Pt3


My third existential style mix.

I make these mixes so that people may take a mere 60 minutes or so to maybe gain a different perspective to the world they live in, enjoy & smile at what they already know or learn about which they might not know..

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Love is the goal. you can know it by feeling it not by definition. unexplainable inconceivable undefinable. you can't put it in a box it is all encompassing. you can find it inside of you, it is you. love is the tao, the process, the truth, the light. love is the answer to all the worlds problems, love is the goal, love is god. you can relate to love. love is the soul, and it will save you. bask in the majesty of yourself. we have nothing left to explore but the nonphysical, we are trapped on earth for now thankfully, it will give us a chance to treat each other and all things the way we should instead of just moving on to destroy the next thing. when all of humanity learns to love everything as they should love themselves, the possibilities will be endless.

Every time I listen to this playlist my worries drift away. I no longer feel insignificant, but BIG! I am uttering the words of those before me when I say that, I cried tears of joy and happiness!