100 comments on Contemplate The Universe Inside You Pt4 by cosmicapathy

Thank you so much bro. u have evoked the philosophical side in a teenager. You have enabled the understanding in me of shockingly similar we all are with the same needs and our utter insignificance when compared to the universe. But yet we are a part of the universe made with the same ingredients. For this I am grateful to you sir.

I didn't think you could of topped the last one, I have loved the previous three so much and listen to them all the time, but this really is the best one so far, please make another!!!!

Man your mixes about contemplating the universe are the most chill mixes in the world. Because of one of your mixes I went on a life changing experience to help people who are less fortunate, because it inspired me. The song was the one where charlie Chaplin was giving his greatest speech. Your mixes are a true inspiration for people like me because it lets us find who we are :)

I'm probably going to have an all-nighter, sky-gazing, contemplating ultra sesh with parts 1-4. Makin' my day man keep it up.

I honestly believe that religion stands as the biggest obstruction to true harmony and happiness to a peaceful world, I wish we find the rationality soon enough to banish religion like a disease soon enough.

Salute to the playlist buddy, if there ever was a right spirit, this is it.

this is fawking rocking... lovely, clear creativity to get the consolidation of best pieces together... lovely .. just fukin around good with a green tea,

this is so absolutely beautiful. i am just high as fuck and listening to this and have such immense gratification for you, master playlist creator, for making this playlist. well done