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for allison.


so its been a week since allison argent died and it still hurts just as much....i'll probably never be over it so here's this mix dedicated to the most badass princess to ever grace our tv. thank you for telling us that we can be strong AND go to prom, thank you for teaching us to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and most of all thank you for being a warrior until the very end. love you ally a, beacon hills will never be the same without you.

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I'm crying so hard, because I'm reading a stydia fanfic and Lydia's at Allison's tombstone. I miss allison so much. And allison and lydia. Season 4 sucks. Holland's acting is so on point though. This is making me cry even more, i just miss allison. It hurts. I don't care that its fictional. It hurts that she's gone.

bE STILL MY HEART. wow just wow. i'll never be over it, either. it hurts; everything hurts. this was wonderful but it was awful because oh god no she's not dead nOPE