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October in Space - Cosmix #1


Just some random cosmic tracks put together in a late Sunday night. Here I was, listening to this cool tune in the elevator while on my way home - when it occurred to me: I should put together a mix. Soundcloud was open... and you know, one thing lead to another so here goes it, the promiscuous space travel that lies ahead. Don't get dirty, stay space clean. Wear you helmet and listen to your captain. Enjoy your flight!

  • Natural Selection by Marginal & Vendetta
  • Sus ojos se encontraron II by David Inexacte
  • shrooms by handrei
  • Farewell Spaceman by Blockhead
  • Deep Pot by Khidja
  • Six Days of Heat pt. 2 by The Model
  • October First by Comasleep
  • "Bury the Music" Buck 65 and Sage Francis by Strange Famous Records
  • 【Unreleased】Basement Romance by TheBadgers
  • Been Waiting 4 U (Original Mix) by Jeff Keenan
  • Dino Ferrari by Pest
  • The Flood by ShirayasDream
12 tracks
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