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Long Distance Relationship


My girl is moving out of town for school. This is the mix I made for her to take. She's gonna hear some Roger Miller, Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt and others. Also, this features pretty much all of the 80's country I can stand with the exceptions of Dwight Yoakum and Whitey Shafer. Don't be scared.

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I haven't listened to this yet, but my newest mix is apparently similar to this, which intrigues me since mine is pitched as a "soundtrack to a cross-country road trip of death and terror" and yours is for a long-distance relationship. =) I do look forward to listening to this though, as I'm in Los Angeles and my gf is in Seattle, so I know what that's like!

Ok, for the record the similarities are Townes van Zandt, Lee Hazlewood and Leonard Cohen, all from different albums though. Also, I have always been afraid of 80's country but I dug this, so thanks -- you've provided a high-quality filtering service here! And free of charge to boot.