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Indie Music for West Coast Kids

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Whatever track is playing instead of Youth Lagoon is definitely not Youth Lagoon. Otherwise I'll be eternally jamming to this mix.

I honestly have no idea how that definitely used to be the actual song. I deleted whatever garbage that somehow replaced it with the Afternoon by Youth Lagoon

coswayk, unfortunately, part 3 in your mediafire link encountered some copyright issues. hope you don't mind reposting it or something.... :)

one of the best playlists here on 8tracks. found some of my favorite songs through this playlist. so good. can listen to whenever. thankyou coswayk

Thank you so much for this...I had 'liked' it before, but I actually sat down and listened to it today. It was perfect.

don't know if you noticed but the majority of these bands aren't from the west coast either. Its not a mix of exclusively west coast artists. Its a mix that reminds me of the diverse music culture I learned to appreciate while growing up there because music-as-art is a huge part of the west coast lifestyle