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life is an adventure


back by popular demand, more fun instrumental songs i think could star in an indie movie about life. special thanks to everyone who supported the first in this series, life is a song. enjoy!

art credit goes to!

13 tracks
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You are really talented at making playlists and I can tell you worked hard on it! Thank you so much. These are my go to lists for midterms and finals!

just as fantastic as the original, if not better!! you really lived up to the high expectations your first playlist set! this nostalgic, relaxing, cheerful- just all around great! also great for studying for finals ^^ i adore this~~

I love this! I noticed a mistake though: Mice on Venus is by C418, not by Contrillion. Contrillion was just the guy that uploaded it to SoundCloud

@zypper9 thank you so much!!! i love C418 and this is their favorite song of mine! unfortunately, the soundcloud song didn't have that in the description- i'll add an annotation. thanks!