Is this playlist safe for work?

the one where they say the thing


a playlist of showtunes that have the musical’s title in the lyrics

((sorry American Idiot is the Tony Performance version... only way I could make it NOT the Green Day original))

20 tracks
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@sammyelliott thanks for pointing that out! It was right when I made the mix but sometimes 8tracks likes to fuck around with the song files and use their own instead of the one you uploaded. It's really annoying. I'll try to fix it asap

Excellent playlist!
I was a little surprised as Good Morning Baltimore though -- much as I love that song, I'd have thought (It's) Hairspray would be a more obvious choice =)

So, I was listening to this with a friend, and when I saw the picture I went - deadpan serious, btw, "those are Aaron's legs". To which my friend just said "You need an intervention". We both like this a lot, tho.

i love when things say the title of the thing so learning this playlist existed made my day. the fact that these are amazing songs is just an fabulous bonus!