40 comments on audible adderall pt 4 by courtneyastump

I always come back to these mixes when it's time for midterms/finals and I'm pulling an all-nighter. Unfortunately, I have conditioned myself... I can't listen to them at any other time because I am reminded of staying up all night writing essays lol

Please make more!! These are my absolute go-to for essay writing and studying for exams - next best thing to real adderall :)

Seriously, i listen to all 4 parts for months at an end.. 5 am library sessions are much better now.. thank you from Scotland!

Right now you are the greatest thing on the internet ! If i ever become a millionaire I will have to pay you back because its all down to you giving me focus.

Thanks !

I've tried other mixes for studying, but nothing does it like Audible Adderall. Thanks for the mixes! PLEASE keep them coming!