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Cryin' Tears of Red-Gold but I'll be All the Richer


All of the falling on the ground
Holder in ground, I lay down a shrine
And I come with the autumn to tear it down
Orange and brown and I lay a soft down
for all the waiting old and thine brethren
bathing bones and brine
A playlist for Freyja, Lady of the Vanir, beauteous collector of the allotted dead, wife to Óðr, sister to Freyr and daughter of Njörðr. She was a Vanir hostage, along with her brother and father, and introduced the magical practice of seiðr to the Æsir. Known for her beauty, she also is connected to gold and finery, resulting in her joining in escapades with four dwarven smiths in order to garner her famed necklace Brísingamen. She has a chariot drawn by cats, and also owns a boar, like her brother Freyr, named Hildisvíni.

16 tracks
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