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Mother swear I am a good kid


Eita was a child raised around storms. He feared not the thunder, but his mother screaming at him. She called him terrible names: ugly, stupid, disgrace, a mistake, even; he could remember the night she shouted at him that he should have never been born.

His brown eyes were used to crying, his hair was messy and not well washed, his grades were awful. Eita was a lonely child, a boy with bad manners, messed up thoughts, prone to bite and bark terrible words.

His salvation came with his grandparents who took him in when he was accepted to study at Shiratorizawa.

He never saw her again, but sometimes he can still hear her voice along with the thunder.


Headcanon: Semi Eita had an emotionally abusive mother during his childhood.

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I'm only halfway through the mix as of right now, but I'm already internally screeching with feelings. God. Imagine Semi's backstory being actually like this, but then in Shiratorizawa VBC still being replaced by Shirabu as the starting setter. (It came to my mind when I heard the "I'm afraid somebody else might take my place" in the third track.) I know this is about family, Semi and his mother. But I believe the issues would stick their ugly tendrils out to other directions later on. Fk, I love this. But I also hate this because SEMI DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY IN CANON LMAO help me ._. (No worries though, I like this mix!) By any chance, have you already written something for this idea? I'd love to read it, if so ^^