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Once upon a time...

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omg i looovvvee thiss sooo much i listen to it every single night before i go to bed it helps me fall asleep. thank u! best bedtime track evveeeerr !!!!!!!

:D oh hey, i'm really glad you like it!! i'm making a new "bedtime stories playlist" with less known stories atm. i'll publish it at some point next week. so if you'd like, just check back end of next week for the new one. :3

:D that makes me incredibly happy! I'm glad you like it.
In case you're interested, I also have another playlist of songs to listen to at night. http://8tracks.com/cpblaga/delicate ..The lyrics in these songs are almost whispered :')

I'm listening to the playlist right now, it's really beautiful. sets a really soothing mood for the quiet hours in the night. thank you so much for recommending it :)