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What Would Tom Do?


My first attempt at capturing the sound track to Glacier, WA was a show I put together for the local pirate radio station that runs off a car battery in a cabin in the woods. When the town bluegrass band, Bent Grass, formed about 7 years ago, I took this as a sign of divine providence. Tom plays the gut bucket and is a bit of a guru. If you want to walk the righteous path, the question is "What Would Tom Do?"

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I love bluegrass and I'm getting a banjo on Saturday! I will practice so hard I'm only 16 so i got the time to learn I was only introduced to bluegrass about a month ago and it gives me the shivers! I promise to all of you I will practice so hard and hopefully i make it somewhere! I live in Nova Scotia Cape Breton and i wish that one day i can afford to make it down south and go to festivals!! THANKS FOR THE BEST MIX ON 8TRACKS!

I'm so happy so many people like this one. Bent Grass traditionally plays at Graham's every other Thursday in the summer. Just go north to Bellingham. Take a right on 542 and drive until civilization ends.

BEWARE: There is no internet or cell phone resention.