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a safe place

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gender is complicated but you deserve hot tea and warm blankets and forehead kisses and back rubs and soft music.

this is a playlist of love songs for yourself


  • When I Was a Boy by Dar Williams
    you are not alone. everyone struggles with gender. gender is constructed, you have every right to build your own.
  • Lego House by Ed Sheeran
    take care of yourself. create yourself. love yourself.
  • Safe and Sound by Patricia Richey
    it will be alright. we're going to make it.
  • Venus by Sleeping At Last
    discover yourself. all your uncharted infinite. you are as beautiful as you are endless.
  • Pretty Boy (Young Galaxy cover) by Brandon W. Flatley
    someone will love you the way you want to be loved. do not be afraid to let your existence pour over the edges of boxes. they will never be thirstless. you will never be too much.
  • Who You Are (Jessie J) COVER by Mia Wray
    maybe you are not happy with your reflection. maybe you are not happy with introspection. you will be. one day you will be. do not stop your journey.
  • Pluto by Sleeping At Last
    "when i break pattern, i break ground/ i rebuild when i breakdown/ i wake up more awake than i've ever been before"
  • True Colors by Ane Brun
    you are so special. you are so wonderful. your body is a safe place. your mind is a safe space. i am in awe of you.
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