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♡won't stop 'till we surrender♡


♡ιт ωαѕη'т α ¢σιη¢ι∂єη¢є тнαт тнєу ωєяє αт тнє ѕαмє gιg α уєαя вєƒσяє мєєтιηg, ιт ωαѕ ƒαтє♡

"му ƒιяѕт яєαℓ ¢яυѕн ωαѕ ℓσυιѕ тσмℓιηѕση..."

"αη∂ ι ωσυℓ∂ мαяяу уσυ, нαяяу"

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this used to be my fav playlist but I didn't listen to it for a while and I'm pretty sure you changed some stuff on it

This track has been my favourite on 8tracks for almost a year. Absolutely amazing, I recommend it to everyone when we're talking about music. I recommend it to people who don't even ship Larry- simply for the perfect songs, and they love it. Good job darling :) x

i only made it through the first song before I started to cry. I legit cannot express my love of this mix enough. I not only like to thank Jesus, but God himself, for the fact that the two most entirely perfect people found each other and just, by chance, fell in love. <3

i listen to this mix everyday, and ive done so for about six months. i love you so nuch. thank you for making such an amazing mix.