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God Bless Napster: Songs I Ripped Off


It lasted a very short time, maybe a little over two years, but it was amazing. The whole universe of music was suddenly at your fingertips for free. It hit us like a bombshell and showed the world that the old ways of getting our music was outdated. We listened to the radio. If we liked a song we heard we bought it, be it as a single or more likely as time passed, the album it came from.

As you’re listening, don’t think of this as a collection of 90’s rock songs, which it is of course. Picture it as a man’s introduction into a world of tomorrow. One on which he sets uncomfortably on a fence. I still need a piece of plastic in my possesion but it is almost as quickly turned into computer files and enjoyed on my various computer devices.

20 tracks
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Just so the 8 tracks people don't get the wrong idea, these aren't the actual files I nicked off of Napster. I've since purchased albums with all these songs on them.