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Listener's Choice: Kent Crawley


This is the music that is close to the heart of my son. i asked him for sixteen cuts and he didn't stop so he ended up with the equivalent of two CDs. What I see here are memories. I can attach a memory to nearly every song on here, from when he was two years old standing on the couch using a rake for an ersatz guitar and the vacuum cleaner as his microphone to just a couple of years ago, when at a friends house, he played a song on this mix that I had no idea that he added to his repertoire. I had tears in my eyes. I made a video of him doing one of these songs at fourteen and I'm still wowed whenever I watch it. He is an amazing musician and at 23 is still growing, He even scored one of these songs to guitar that has no guitar on it. It's a long ride but a great one. I love you, Kent

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