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Remembering Oldies 96 WHNN (Saginaw, Flint, Bay City Mi.)


Unlike the other radio station salutes which concentrates on my youth this focuses on a lengthy period from my late twenties until just recently in my fifties. When I was young WHNN was a radio station which drifted from format to format and never had any focus. However it had one thing in its favor, it broadcast at 100,000 watts. The area it covers is huge. after two plus decades of inertia it stumbled onto the oldies format. As time went on the station moved forward in the years it covered, but it essentially stayed the same even if doo wop went out and disco came in. It was reliable and true, but no longer. C'est la vie
Note: The first and last songs of the mix were the first and last played as an Oldies/Classic Hits station,

26 tracks